Gran Paradiso Summer School 2019 Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics

08-17/07/2019, Grand Hotel Ceresole Reale, Gran Paradiso National Park  (Piedmont, Italy) The 2019 edition of the Summer School on Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics will take place from 8th to 17th of July in Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy. Among the speakers: Emma Aronson (Microbiota of the CZ), Ilaria Baneschi (Light stable isotope analysis – tutorial), Steven Banwart (Soil … Continue reading “Gran Paradiso Summer School 2019 Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics”

SPLITRS Summer School 2019

03-08/06/2019, Bolzano, Italy  “After Split (2014), Thessaloniki (2015), Chania (2016), Dubrovnik (2017), and Prague (2018) SPLITRS is taking us to Bolzano, Italy. Once again, an intensive learning remote sensing program for professionals and graduate students will be offered at a great location. Bolzano is a city of two lifestyles, one Northern European and the other more … Continue reading “SPLITRS Summer School 2019”

The GEO LDN (Land Degradation Neutrality) initiative

“A GEO LDN Initiative will assist countries, regions and other stakeholders interested in addressing land degradation and achieve SDG 15, “Life on Land”. The data, tools and reporting protocols developed would be accessible in the Global Earth Observation System of Systems’ GEOSS Platform and useful to other GEO Initiatives, including GEOBON, GEOGLAM and the Earth … Continue reading “The GEO LDN (Land Degradation Neutrality) initiative”

Earth Observations for Sustainable Development (Session ESSI1.16) at EGU General Assembly 2019

07-12/04/2019, Wien, Austria  On April 9, 209 in Wien the “ESSI1.16 Media– Earth Observations for Sustainable Development” took place. “The application of Earth Observation (EO) datasets for Sustainable Development is a fast-growing field. EO technologies and innovations are constantly evolving, and contributing to the delivery of sustainable, economic and societal benefit to developing countries, helping them meet their … Continue reading “Earth Observations for Sustainable Development (Session ESSI1.16) at EGU General Assembly 2019”

2019 EuroGEOSS Workshop

03-05/07/2019, Lisbon, Portugal The workshop programme is a combination of plenary sessions, thematic sessions, hands-on demonstrations and numerous networking opportunities. As on previous occasions, the final programme incorporates specific requests by the participants. On registration, participants have the opportunity to propose their own contributions to the Workshop.  The workshop aim is to look for … Continue reading “2019 EuroGEOSS Workshop”

2019 GEO Symposium

27-29/05/2019 – Geneva, Switzerland “Join the global Earth observation community in Geneva this May for the 2019 GEO Symposium, as representatives from GEO’s 70+ Work Programme activities and initiatives share their progress, knowledge and make plans to maximise the impact of Earth observations for sustainable development. Why attend? The 2019 Symposium takes place at … Continue reading “2019 GEO Symposium”

LIFEWATCH ITALIA Scientific Community Meeting

27-29/05/2019, Rome, Italy The LifeWatch ERIC first Scientific Community Meeting is coming and it aims at gathering the scientific Community of scientists and developers to trigger and boost the discussion on the most promising lines of development of science on three key themes: a) Biodiversity and Ecosystem Theory; b) Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning and Services; c)Data Analysis, Modelling and Disruptive … Continue reading “LIFEWATCH ITALIA Scientific Community Meeting”

ILTER Open Science Meeting 2019

02-06/09/2019, Leipzig Germany The second ILTER Open Science Meeting will take place in Leipzig, Germany, from 2ndto 6thof September 2019. It will cover the themes: Drivers of long-term changes in biodiversity, ecosystem integrity and ecosystem functions Climate change impact on ecosystem processes Altered nutrient cycles and environmental pollution Advances in long-term socio-ecological research and sustainability science … Continue reading “ILTER Open Science Meeting 2019”


13-17/05/2019, Milan, Italy Held every three years, the Living planet Symposium focuses on how Earth Observation contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional Earth Observation landscape, which is also creating new opportunities for public and private sector interactions. It is hosted at the Milan “Palazzo dei Congressi”. … Continue reading “LIVING PLANET SYMPOSIUM”

Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group Biogeography

9-10/05/2019, Frankfurt, Switzerland (at the Senckenberg Biodiversity & Climate Research Center) Keynotes At the SIG Biogeography 2019 Meeting two famous scientists will present keynotes: Dr. Suzette Flantua (University of Bergen, Norway) will use palaeoecology to provide insights into the distribution of biodiversity and endemism in mountains and islands, whereas Prof. Tobias Kuemmerle (Humboldt University Berlin) will highlight “The Geography of … Continue reading “Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group Biogeography”

New published ECOPOTENTIAL papers!!

We are happy to announce the new publications by ECOPOTENTIAL researchers, all compliant with the Open Access Policy and listed in the ECOPOTENTIAL website. They can be downloaded from the ECOPOTENTIAL publications repository PUMA: Congratulations to the authors! Baker C. M., Diele F., Lacitignola D., Marangi C., Martiradonna A. (2019). Optimal control of invasive species … Continue reading “New published ECOPOTENTIAL papers!!”

Open Science – its impact and potential as a driver for radical change.

OA11 CERN-UNIGE Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication  19-22/06/2019, Geneve  The CERN-UNIGE Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication will be held at University of Geneva in June 19th-21st 2019. The main theme of this edition is:  Open Science – its impact and potential as a driver for radical change  Among the speakers: Corina Logan, famous … Continue reading “Open Science – its impact and potential as a driver for radical change.”

Newsletter n. 11 – ECOPOTENTIAL Project – Jan 2019

Dear Readers, Welcome in this last year of the ECOPOTENTIAL project.  The public interest on ECOPOTENTIAL project is growing more and more as shown by the recent events. ECOPOTENTIAL has gained visibility many events as in the XV GEO PLENARY in Kyoto, through the book “The Ever Growing Uses of Copernicus across Europe’s Regions” where 4 contributions … Continue reading “Newsletter n. 11 – ECOPOTENTIAL Project – Jan 2019”

EARTHRISE! 50 years since the shot of the photo that changed how we see ourselves…

It has been 50 years since the iconic picture “Earthrise” was shot from the Apollo 8 orbiting around the Moon.  This picture has become an iconic image for those caring of ecosystems conservation, as for the first time has shown planet Earth as a complex whole where all components are strongly interconnected in a “Gran Organic … Continue reading “EARTHRISE! 50 years since the shot of the photo that changed how we see ourselves…”