Newsletter n. 12 – ECOPOTENTIAL Project – April 2019

Dear Readers,

We are approaching the conclusions of the ECOPOTENTIAL project and we are reaping the results of the project. This issue of the project newsletter is particularly rich of research results: three reviews of published papers and three models and algorithms available from the ECOPOTENTIAL Virtual Laboratory. Both the papers and the models cover a very varied array of topics: from wetlands management to invasive species and carbon budget in forests, they represent the wide variety of topics faced in ECOPOTENTIAL, all contributing to enhancing the knowledge needed for improving the conservation of natural ecosystems, either with direct conservation actions and with policy measures.

From May 20 to May 24, the fourth and last ECOPOTENTIAL general meeting will take place in Rome. It will be the occasion to discuss and wrap up the scientific results and look forward to feed other projects and initiatives as GEO ECO, though a lively community of practice.

Enjoy reading this 12st issue of the Newsletter and come to us with questions and comments to know more about our project and to be engaged in fruitful and intriguing discussions in this last project months!

Antonello Provenzale, National Research Council of Italy, Coordinator of ECOPOTENTIAL