ECOPOTENTIAL at the 2019 NASA LCLUC Spring Science Team Meeting

04/09/2019-04/11/2019, Washington DC, USA

ECOPOTENTIAL results have been presented at the recent NASA Land-Cover and Land-Use Change (LCLUC) Spring Science Team Meeting, held in April (9th-11th) in Washington DC, USA, hosting presentations from and discussions among the LCLUC Science Team members funded for research by the NASA LCLUC program. Focus was a) on the use of fine resolution data for LCLUC, b) the preliminary results of the Multi-Source Land Imaging team making benefit of the complementary use of Copernicus and Landsat satellite data towards a Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 harmonized surface reflectance product, c) LCLUC synthesis projects over the globe, and d) applications in Southeast Asia and Northern Eurasia. CERTH (Greece) was among the approximately 150 participants to present and highlight ECOPOTENTIAL achievements in LCLUC products generation, and, more specifically, about online monitoring data services (mounted on the Virtual Laboratory Platform) that promote repeatability of layers production; triggered by users. The flash talk was respectively about ‘Online monitoring data services for ecosystem indicators: an overview of ECOPOTENTIAL results. Vivid discussions followed at the poster presentation. For more information please contact Ioannis Manakos ( Here is the agenda.

The ECOPOTENTIAL scientists Ioannis Manakos (left) and Arnon Karnieli (right) at the NASA LCLUC meeting © AK