EARTHRISE! 50 years since the shot of the photo that changed how we see ourselves…

It has been 50 years since the iconic picture “Earthrise” was shot from the Apollo 8 orbiting around the Moon.  This picture has become an iconic image for those caring of ecosystems conservation, as for the first time has shown planet Earth as a complex whole where all components are strongly interconnected in a “Gran Organic Whole” (A. R. Wallace). Bill Anders, the astronaut who shot the picture on Dec 24th, 1968, said: “It was “Kind of like the classroom globe sitting on a teacher’s desk, but no country divisions”.

And it is true. No country divisions. From space, country boundaries seem so meaningless. We all leave in the same planet, under the same sky.  Let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary of this wonderful image of ourselves! 

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Earthrise, W. Anders from Apollo 8 spacecraft, Dec 24th1968 © NASA