MODELLING LAKES – An ECOPOTENTIAL presentation at the MASCOT2018 Conference– Rome, Italy

“La Sapienza” in Rome, Italy – 2-5 October 2018

Fasma Diele (National Council of Research, Italy) presented yesterday her ECOPOTENTIAL work on computational modelling of oligotrophic lakes, “A one-dimensional vertical ecosystem model for lake dynamics”, linked to the ECOPOTENTIAL research on alpine lakes, at the “15th Meeting on applied scientific computing and tools” (MASCOT2018 –, Università La Sapienza in Rome, Italy – Oct 2nd -5th 2018). Fasma has presented a modified version of an existing lake ecosystem model [1] describing a trophic chain generated by nutrients, phytoplankton, zooplankton and planktivorous fishes. The new model takes into account the vertical dynamics of the biomasses of the main species following the approach in [2], and includes
seasonality in the dynamics of the various compartments.

[1] Magnea, U., Sciascia, R., Paparella, F., Tiberti, R., and Provenzale, A. (2013). A model or high-altitude alpine lake ecosystems and the effect of introduced fish. Ecological modelling, 251, 211-220.

[2] Prokopkin, I. G., Mooij, W. M., Janse, J. H., and Degermendzhy, A. G. (2010). A general one-dimensional vertical ecosystem model of Lake Shira (Russia, Khakasia): description, parametrization and analysis. Aquatic ecology, 44(3), 585-618.

The work has been developed in collaboration with the ECOPOTENTIAL researchers Carmela Marangi, Silvia Giamberini and Antonello Provenzale (also National Council of Research – CNR). Congratulation Fasma!!