The Ecopotential Exhibition is Travelling: Chania!

38th Annual EARSeL Symposium, Chania, Crete, Greece, 9-12 July 2018

Within the framework of the EARSeL Symposium in Chania (see above), the ECOPOTENTIAL exhibition “SPACED: Using Earth Observations to Protect Natural Landscapes” has been exposed in Chania centre; in the Venetian harbor of the old city. Twenty-five (25) panels were hosted at the KAM Center of Mediterranean Architecture providing the opportunity to visitors to view the beauty of the ECOPOTENTIAL protected areas in Europe and beyond.

Wonderful pictures and satellite images, accompanied by short texts, illustrated how researchers and managers of protected areas are working together to study mountain, arid, coastal and marine ecosystems. The exhibition was open to the public from 7thto 16thof July, 2018, and according to the head of the KAM, the exhibition had a continuous flow of visitors throughout morning and afternoon hours (working hours) of about 70 persons at any moment.  Pictures of the Spaced exhibition can be seen at this link: