Photo exhibition “A Mountain of Life – High Altitude Ecosystems and Climate Change”

Trento, 22 July 2018/30 September 2018

A photo exhibition on mountain ecosystems organized as part of the CNR project NextData will be shown this summer in Trento, Italy, thanks to the collaboration of the Museum of National Hystory of Trento (MUSE) and CNR.

The Viote Alpine Botanical Garden of the Science Museumin Trento, one of the oldest and largest in the Alps, will host the exhibition during the summer in a spectacular installation.

The opening of the exhibition entitled “A Mountain of Life – High Altitude Ecosystems and Climate Change” will be held on 22 July at 4 pm.

Through the pictures of nature photographers, who donated their pictures for the exhibition, it will possible to know more about the main types of Italian mountain ecosystems and the differences between various regions and altitudes, the main characteristics of ecosystems and the adaptations of plants and animals to the difficult conditions encountered, the relationships between the components of ecosystems and the complex interaction between human activities and mountain environment.

We expect a large attendance! Please confirm your presence by sending an email to assunta.donato(at)igg.cnr(dot)it.