NSF LTER Network meeting

Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California.  October, 1-4, 2018

Every three years, the NSF LTER Network gathers at the All-Scientists’ Meeting, where we share progress, ideas, and best practices from across the Network and beyond. Registration is open to all and may be especially valuable to researchers from coordinating networks and individual researchers interested in working with LTER data or on LTER sites and experiments.

The theme of the 2018 meeting is Next Generation Synthesis: Successes and Strategies, and will take place from October 1-4 at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California.

The ASM Planning Committee has been working all year to identify speakers and workshops who will address the impact, challenges, and tools of synthetic science; highlight current accomplishments; and chart a path for future endeavors.

The organising team goal is for the Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTER) All-Scientists’ Meeting to be a place of connection, renewal, and intellectual ferment. As long-term researchers, the organisation team values persistent attention to what often goes unseen and unrecognized: slow cycles, legacies, the role of rare events. We steward our data and methods with care, because only a community of researchers has a chance of revealing the complex whole. Our work is a marathon, not a sprint, and we take this time to appreciate our fellow marathoners.

The All Scientists’ Meeting is a place to share your insights and successes and to find companions and collaborations for the next leg of the journey. The meeting will provide several opportunities designed to facilitate these interactions, including social events and plenary lectures by inspiring speakers. The core of this meeting however, comes from you—the community—in the form of contributed sessions.

  • Contributed Workshops:  Use these 90-minute or 180-minute slots to share and test insights, brainstorm works in progress, identify collaborators and useful data, share a new tool or method, debate priorities, develop a shared strategy, and vet new ideas. Space is available for approximately 30 people in each workshop.
  • Contributed Posters: If you’d rather have more time for one-on-one conversations, submit a poster. Sessions will be scheduled each evening, with posters grouped by related topics.
  • Informal Meetings: The venue has plenty of spaces and our schedule has unstructured time for you to meet up with new friends or long-term collaborators from different parts of the Network.

Meeting Facility: Asilomar Conference Grounds offers cozy lodges and cottages nestled in 107 beachside acres in the charming town of Pacific Grove, California. The LTER has reserved the entire venue.

Registration closed (workshop and posters).