GeoMod 2018

Barcelona, October 1-4, 2018

The GeoMod conference is a biennial international conference dedicated to the latest results of analogue and numerical modelling in Geosciences. The main aim of the conference is to discuss and present the latest ideas, methods and results of laboratory, analytical and numerical modeling of geological processes.

Previous GeoMod conferences took place in: Milan, Italy (2002); Lucerne, Switzerland (2004); Florence, Italy (2008); Lisbon, Portugal (2010); Lausanne, Switzerland (2012); Potsdam, Germany (2014); and Montpellier, France (2016).

When and where?

GeoMod2018 is planned as a workshop (from October 1st – 4th) dedicated to invited talks and different poster sessions displayed throughout the entire conference duration. The first day (1st October afternoon/evening) it’s scheduled the registration day and the welcome cocktail / dinner. It is expected that participants arrive within the afternoon/early evening of the first day (1st October). The meeting sessions will start on 2nd October early in the morning (8:30 or 9:00AM) until the 4th October late afternoon (after lunch).

A 2-day field-trip is also planned after the workshop and will be properly informed soon.The workshop will take place at the Alimara Hotel in Barcelona.

Registration is closed.