Castle of Otranto, 24 May 2018

On May 24th2018, in the Castello di Otranto, Lecce (Italy), the University of Salento and the Museum of Ecology of Mediterranean Ecosystems met over 120 students from Italian and European secondary schools for the final event of the school competition on ecology held during the 2017/2018 school year.

Under the guidance of Professor Alberto Basset and his research group, the University of Salento has been engaged in the design and organization of national and international competitions for secondary school students, including “ECOPOTENTIAL 4 Schools”, a scientific competition for students’ teams aimed to offer an additional motivation to approach the study of natural sciences and, in particular, ecology. The ECOPOTENTIAL4SCHOOLS 2018 Tournament involved a total of 15 teams from 6 schools and two countries, Italy and Romania. The GIMNAZIALĂ School of Bucharest has won this first edition.

To test the ECOPOTENTIAL4SCHOOLS 2018 Research game, just register and log in to:

The game is available at:

The score to beat is a remarkable 972/1200 points from NATURE TEAM 124 – ȘCOALA GIMNAZIALĂ NR. 124 Bucharest.

Have fun!

Suggestions for the 2019 competition (e.g. thematics, contacts, graphical layout, awards…) are vey welcome.

More info: