2018 ESRI Storytelling with Maps Award: 2nd place to the ECOPOTENTIAL Storymap “Protecting Marine Mammals in Crowded Waters”

Thanks to their ECOPOTENTIAL storymap on the Pelagos Sanctuary for Mediterranean Marine Mammals, Levi Westerveld and Bjorn Alfthan (GRID Arendal) won the 2nd place under the Conservation, Environment and Sustainability category of the 2018 ESRI Storytelling with Maps Award. This award will also increase the visibility and viewing of the storymap, helping to reach more people. Congratulations to the winners!

What is this storymap about?

In the Mediterranean Sea, large numbers of whales and dolphins are present in the waters of mainland France, Italy and the island of Corsica. It’s also an area with large human populations living along the coast. Waters also experience some the busiest shipping traffic in the world. How can whales, dolphins and humans co-exist in this area?

This Storymap, developed in the framework of the ECOPOTENTIAL research on Pelagos Sanctuary, highlights how cutting-edge satellite imagery (including tracking whales from space), ecological modelling and local knowledge are being used to improve the conservation of marine mammals in the Mediterranean Sea. It focusses on efforts by ECOPOTENTIAL scientists to better understand whale movements, feeding habits, and human activities in the area so that better information can be provided for decision-making.

The link to the ECOPOTENTIAL Pelagos storymap can be found here: https://grid-arendal.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=54b862ef079445d9a99b8f6249249e4d