Newsletter n.8 – ECOPOTENTIAL Project – April 2018

Dear Readers,

the third year of activity of ECOPOTENTIAL continues with many initiatives. We started 2018 with the ECOPOTENTIAL exhibition and workshop in Bruxelles (SPACED) and with eight new open access publications. We also continued building the Ecosystem Community of Practice, thanks to the “ECOPOTENTIAL training course on remote sensing and modelling applied to natural ecosystems” that took place in CNR, Pisa, Italy at the end of February. We are very pleased to share with you the success of this initiative.

This issue of the Newsletter describes some of the most recent project’s activities as well as two protected areas of the project, namely, the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem and the Murgia Alta National Park (Italy). Among the many presentations at conferences, we mention the ECOPOTENTIAL presentation at the 2017 AGU Fall meeting (New Orleans, USA, December) thanks to dr Emiliana Valentini (ISPRA, Italy) who discussed the “Demonstration of Sea Surface Temperature value as EBVs descriptor in the Mediterranean Sea”.

The newest publications are listed in the Newsletter. We also include a short summary of three selected articles:

  • Terzago, S., von Hardenberg, J., Palazzi, E., and Provenzale, A. Snow water equivalent in the Alps as seen by gridded data sets, CMIP5 and CORDEX climate models. (2017). The Cryosphere 11, pp. 1625-1645. doi: 10.5194/tc-11-1625-2017.
  • Dirnböck, T., Foldal, C., Djukic, I., Kobler, J., Haas, E., Kiese, R., Kitzler, B. (2017). Historic nitrogen deposition determines future climate change effects on nitrogen retention in temperate forests. Climatic Change 144(2), pp. 221-235. doi:10.1007/s10584-017-2024-y.
  • Moses A. Cho, Abel Ramoelo and Luthando Dziba. Response of Land Surface Phenology to Variation in Tree Cover during Green-Up and Senescence Periods in the Semi-Arid Savanna of Southern Africa, Remote Sensing 9(7), p. 689. doi:10.3390/rs9070689.

We finally mention that ECOPOTENTIAL is co-organising the “Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics” Summer School at Gran Paradiso National Park, Piedmont, Italy, 10-18 July 2018.

Enjoy reading this 8th issue of the Newsletter and come to us with questions and comments to know more about our project and to be engaged in fruitful and intriguing discussions!

Antonello Provenzale, National Research Council of Italy, Coordinator of ECOPOTENTIAL