Ecopotential Remote Sensing Training Course Pisa, Italy, CNR Campus, Feb 19-22, 2018

The first “ECOPOTENTIAL training course on remote sensing and modelling applied to natural ecosystems”) took place at the CNR Campus in Pisa in February 19 – 23. The course was addressed to the partners and technical staff of the Protected Areas working in the ECOPOTENTIAL project. The course was oriented to the use of Remote Sensing data, project data portals and ecological models.

Forty attendees from about 15 protected areas attended the workshop. The aim of this hands-on meeting was to provide practical examples of the use of Remote Sensing products and of ecological models for natural ecosystems in all the ecosystem types under study within the project, as well as to provide an introduction to the ECOPOTENTIAL Virtual Laboratory, fully integrated in GEOSS, where all data, products and software produced within the project will be mabe available. Plenty of time has been devoted to show the use of the multi-modular system named EO Data for Ecosystem Monitoring (EODESM) that allows to classify land covers according to the Food and Agricultural Organisation’s (FAO’s) Land Cover Classification System (LCCS2) taxonomy map and to assess the current state and past changes in ecosystems.


Moreover, attendees had the opportunity to start sharing  ideas about an instructional video focussed on the project’s products.