IUFRO 8.01.02 Landscape Ecology Conference 2017

24 – 29 September 2017, Halle, Germany

The International Union of Forest research Organisation will host a conference with the theme “The Green-Blue Nexus: Forests, Landscapes and Services” from the 24 – 29 September 2017 in Halle, Germany. The conference aims to address to what extent and how the status of any particular forest ecosystem and its temporal dynamics, should be included in the overall assessment of ecosystems and their services at larger scales such as landscape scale.

There is need to communicate at a policy-making level on the necessity of sustainable forest management standards and for the protection of forest areas; this requires nexus thinking that highlights the interdependencies among the manifold services that forests provide. In this context, landscape ecology as a discipline provides essential concepts and methods for a better understanding of a broad range of interdependencies between ecological structures and processes, at multiple scales, and how these are influenced by human decisions (http://es-partnership.org/iufro-8-01-02-landscape-ecology-conference-2017/).