Dear Readers,

 ECOPOTENTIAL has entered its third year of activity and we are now starting to harvest and exploit the results obtained so far, including a number of publications and concrete products that are being delivered. We also started building an Ecosystem Community of Practice, thanks to  the Protected Area meeting that took place in San Rossore, Pisa, Italy at the beginning of May. In addition, new researchers and new research sites joined our community.

This issue of the newsletter reports about one major threat for the Mediterrean region, that became dramatically evident during this begining of summer: forest fires, which also affected one of the ECOPOTENTIAL Protected Areas, Doñana. Research activities on forest fires are ongoing also in the framework of our project and this issue of the newsletter summarises the findings of some of the research papers recently published by ECOPOTENTIAL researchers on this topic. Among other papers and result, we urge the readers to take a look at the paper published by Elisa Palazzi: she joined an important initiative aimed to get the youngest generations closer to the latest advances in scientific research, publishing on a scientific peer reviewed journal specifically devoted to kids! Other dissemination activities are also on their way: the leaflet has been translated into Italian, French, Spanish and German, while researchers continue to present their research results and approaches in international conferences. ECOPOTENTIAL has been presented at the European GEO projects annual conference in Helsinki (EGW2017) and it will be presented at the next GEO Plenary meeting in Washington D.C., USA, in October 2017. Enjoy reading the newsletter and come to us with questions and comments to know more about our project and to be engaged in fruitful and intriguing discussions!

Antonello Provenzale, National Research Council of Italy, Coordinator of ECOPOTENTIAL