Plant productivity and indexes as a proxy for basic ecosystem features

An eLTER H2020 training session contributing to Ecosystem Integrity monitoring at LTER sites

8 – 12 May 2017, CNR Research Campus, Monterotondo (Rome), Italy

Measuring productivity and related features like biomass of an ecosystem or habitat is an important objective in monitoring and research programs dealing with system approaches. As a basic system feature this is indispensable when addressing Ecosystem Integrity or Ecosystem Services. This school offers a training session bringing together experts from various organizations, intending to share methods and develop ideas. The main focus is on training recent methods addressing plant productivity of systems at different scales. Different methods will be considered, also those not requiring too much investment in expensive devices, enabling researchers to implement them in monitoring or observation sites (LTER, ICP-Forests, ICOS) including sites with sparse or seasonal vegetation. The field methods trained (measurement of Leaf Area Index – LAI, biomass) will be also connected to Remote and Proximal Sensing approaches (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index – NDVI, green indexes) with consideration of up-scaling issues from plot to site and landscape level. LAI measures will be applied according to protocols which should later be applied at the sites of participants, aiming to gaining a single dataset for all participating sites, and publishing it (as an article and a published dataset as well).