International SPLIT REMOTE SENSING® Professional Summer School 2017

International SPatial LITeracy (SPLIT) Remote Sensing for Coastal Ecosystem – Human Interactions

4 – 9 June 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia

After Split (2014), Thessaloniki (2015) and Chania (2016), SPLITRS 2017 is taking us to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Once again, an intensive learning remote sensing program will be offered at a great location, “a land of great natural beauty and astounding cultural heritage”. Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. FEATURES OF THE EVENT: Thematic Issue of the South-East European Forestry (SEEFOR) Journal. The proposed deadline for the submission:30 June 2017 (

SPLITRS Program:

  • LiDAR processing with LAStools
  • The DART model (Discrete Anisotropic Radiative Transfer)
  • Biophysical parameters for monitoring and evaluating ecosystem biodiversity
  • Maritime phenomena seen in SAR image
  • Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR): Maritime phenomena and Oil detection
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
  • Coastal monitoring using UAV
  • Pattern recognition techniques for remote sensing