Dear Readers,

ECOPOTENTIAL successfully completed its first reporting period (at 18 months) and it is now a well-established project. This issue of the ECOPOTENTIAL newsletter provides news about the research activities that are currently ongoing within the project, as well as dissemination articles generated by the scientific activities and results of the partners, that span through different topics from land use changes in Protected Areas to hydrology in the ancient Negev. This reflects the variety of scientific and applied interests that characterize the ECOPOTENTIAL community. Key meetings have been carried out and are described here, as the joint meeting between ECOPOTENTIAL and the twin project SWOS. Two important events will happen shortly: (1) a workshop nearby Pisa, Italy, where the staff of the Protected Areas will meet with researchers with the aim of starting to build an ecosystem community of practice and make our research products ready to be used for management and conservation of Protected Areas; and (2) the annual General Assembly that will take place in Crete, Greece. Also, a number of scientific papers have been published and many others are on their way. Enjoy this reading and come to us with questions and comments for being engaged in fruitful discussions!

Antonello Provenzale, National Research Council of Italy, Coordinator of ECOPOTENTIAL