Shared Ecopotential-Swos stand at the ESP-ESS conference

20th September 2016, Antwerp, Belgium

At the last European conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership, a networking day (20th of September) was organized with 40 stands from the community, where businesses, practitioners, policymakers and researchers met and showcased their work. In this occasion, partners of ECOPOTENTIAL and SWOS worked together to organize a stand at the information market of the conference.

The SWOS project got funded under the same H2020 call of ECOPOTENTIAL. Both projects strive to improve and facilitate the use of the new remote sensing data for the protection and management of protected areas, with the SWOS project focusing only on wetlands.

The shared Ecopotential-Swos stand was nicely situated just opposite the stand of the European commission. There was a lot of interest in remote sensing derived indicators to help informing decisions makers and management of protected areas, many flyers were handed and pictures of our protected areas were visible in a looped video. Many of the attendees who visited the stand were interested in how ECOPOTENTIAL is planning on evaluating Ecosystem Services, whether it would be based on a financial assessment, evaluation of the total capacity of the system to deliver all services, or by a more holistic approach.

Some of the most frequent inquiries related to the type of Remote Sensing (RS) algorithms and products which are being utilized within ECOPOTENTIAL. Aiming to contribute to COPERNICUS core services, ECOPOTENTIAL will share an array of final products and processing techniques applied to Remote Sensing data via an open access portal. Our sister project SWOS has already deployed a suite of 22 tools aiding in the mapping of wetlands (GEOclassifier). Within ECOPOTENTIAL, there are several working groups looking to connect similar tools to remote sensing and modeling applications in a desire to have a clearly delineated connective pathway between data sources and ESs evaluation methodologies.