Ecopotential @ Researchers Night!

30th September 2016, Greece, Portugal, Italy

Ecopotential scientists could not miss the participation at the European Researchers night! In September 30, research institutions from all over Europe opened their gates to citizens and students and proudly showed their work and research infrastructures. ECOPOTENTIAL has been presented in Thessaloniki (Greece), Porto (Portugal), Lecce and Pisa (Italy) in an array of manners: talks, exhibits, visits of schools. 

In Porto, Portugal:

The European Research Night in Porto (Portugal) took place in the Natural History Museum (Botanical Garden), University of Porto. The beautiful and restored house from the garden received 18 permanent activities and several sessions. In their activity, entitled “Earth Observation: the satellites in Ecology”, ICETA researchers presented what satellites are, and how they are used in Ecology. People were very attracted with the astonishing pictures from the Protected Areas landscapes, as well as to see what information can be derived from satellite images, including the extent and monitoring of burned areas in Portugal, which is a major pressure to ecosystems in this country. 

In Lecce, Italy:

Sara Montinaro from University of Salento reported: “Here in Lecce we had a great researchers’ night and the demo of the Ecopotential Scientific Game experienced a huge success”. In Lecce, ECOPOTENTIAL, together with other projects and activities of the Ecology Laboratory and LifeWatch, held a stand in one of the most beautiful places of the University of Salento (Monastero degli Olivetani), where the youngests, from primary school to high school, had the opportunity of challenging their competences and knowledge on biodiversity and protected areas through the ECOPOTENTIAL Scientific game. The stand has always been crowded and the scientific game had been played about 30 times during the night.

In Tessaloniki, Greece:

Title of the event was: “Οι δορυφόροι στην υπηρεσία της Φύσης” (The satellites in service of Nature). Researchers displayed the interactive game of ECOPOTENTIAL, the video of the sites of ECOPOTENTIAL the banner, the poster of ECOPOTENTIAL and the brochures. Researchers explained the project to 6 invited high schools in the morning and to the general public of Thessaloniki from 17:00 till 22:00. This year the event took place in the biggest Mall of the city coupled with numerous physic games and a big science-rock concert. 8 schools have visited our stand with about 250-300 pupils in total. 

In Pisa, Italy:

Students, pupils and adults visited the IGG-CNR stand in Pisa, Italy, in the Researchers’ night setting inside the CNR Research campus. CNR researchers explained the main aims of the project to visitors of different ages and cultural backgrounds. The Demo of the interactive game on Ecology prepared by University of Salento was tested by many students and kids who appreciated it very much. The display of pictures of the Protected Areas has also been appreciated a lot, as it shows the beauty of the landscapes as well as the research activities conducted and it helps to understand the importance of PA conservation.