ECOPOTENTIAL research at the SCERIN workshop in Slovakia

18-22 July 2016, Zvolen, Slovakia

On 18-22 of July 2016 over 40 participants (academics and researchers) from 13 countries – Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, USA – met in the framework of SCERIN (South Central and Eastern European Regional Information Network) Capacity Building Workshop (CBW) in the city of Zvolen, Slovakia. The event was of high relevance for ECOPOTENTIAL, because regional land cover land use change (LCLUC) priorities, and ongoing scientific efforts and data requirements were discussed. The CBW thematic focus was on the current LCLUC challenges in the SCERIN region connected with climate change and anthropogenic influence on ecosystems, addressing their significance and influence on the social processes and ecosystem functioning. The discussions included ecosystem dynamics, based on Landsat and Sentinel archives, and forest health and insect infestation detection and monitoring – both topics of increasing regional importance in the context of climate change. ECOPOTENTIAL was presented by Ioannis Manakos from CERTH, partner of the Project, and its approach and objectives for the region was discussed.

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