Multilingual ECOPOTENTIAL leaflet!!!

The Ecopotential leaflet is now available in Italian, Spanish, French and German! The text has been translate by the ECOPOTENTIAL Partners who formed a collaborative working group with the help of the ECOP communication team. The Italian version has been already printed and distributed to Gran Paradiso National Park visitor centers. It will be soon … Continue reading “Multilingual ECOPOTENTIAL leaflet!!!”

New published ECOPOTENTIAL papers!!

We are happy to announce the new publications by ECOPOTENTIAL researchers compliant with the Open Access Policy. They can be downloaded from ECOPOTENTIAL Website at the page: Wegmann, M. Leutner, B.F., Metz, M., Neteler, M., Dech, S., Rocchini, D.* (2017). r.pi: a GRASS GIS package for semi-automatic spatial pattern analysis of remotely sensed land … Continue reading “New published ECOPOTENTIAL papers!!”

ECOPOTENTIAL at Campus Night in Osnabruek University

June 1oth, 2017, Osnabruek (D) On June 10, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and the University of Osnabrück hosted a spectacular “Campus Night” open to the general public, where citizens had the occasion to visit the campus, meet researchers and learn more about the University activities, also enjoying some fun! Labs for kids, science-shows but also … Continue reading “ECOPOTENTIAL at Campus Night in Osnabruek University”

60th IAV Annual Symposium

20 – 24 June 2017 – Palermo, Italy The 60th annual symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) took place in Sicily, Italy. The venue was the Palermo Botanical Garden, and excursion was organized in both the Sicilian coast and mountains. The theme of the symposium was “Vegetation patterns in natural and cultural … Continue reading “60th IAV Annual Symposium”

International Meeting on the Conservation of High Mountain Lakes

6 – 8 July 2017 – Gran Paradiso National Park, Ceresole Reale, Italy High mountain lakes host peculiar aquatic biota and are considered biodiversity reservoirs. Most high altitude lakes are endangered by several global, regional and local threats, and more specifically by introduced fish. This meeting will focus on the role of the Natura2000 sites … Continue reading “International Meeting on the Conservation of High Mountain Lakes”

EMAPI 14 International Conference on Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions

4 – 8 September 2017, Lisboa, Portugal EMAPI Conferences are held in alternate years at selected venues around the world. They are unique meetings where it is possible to present state of the art alien plant research. The aim of the EMAPI of 2017 is to promote the opportunity of sharing findings and experiences, and … Continue reading “EMAPI 14 International Conference on Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions”

7th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing

4 – 9 September 2017, Gödöllő, Hungary As part of the Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) programme element, the European Space Agency (ESA) organises an Advanced Land Training Course devoted to train the next generation of Earth Observation (EO) scientists to exploit data from ESA and operational EO missions (e.g. the Sentinels) for science … Continue reading “7th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing”

New Certificate of Advanced Studies proposed by UNIGE “Geomatics for a Sustainable Environment”

4 – 15 September 2017, Genova, Italy As part of its continuing education program, the University of Genova proposes a new Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) called “Geomatics for a Sustainable Environment” in English. The instructor-led teachings will take place as a Genova summer school from 4 to 15 September 2017. Several tools, thematics and … Continue reading “New Certificate of Advanced Studies proposed by UNIGE “Geomatics for a Sustainable Environment””

IUFRO 8.01.02 Landscape Ecology Conference 2017

24 – 29 September 2017, Halle, Germany The International Union of Forest research Organisation will host a conference with the theme “The Green-Blue Nexus: Forests, Landscapes and Services” from the 24 – 29 September 2017 in Halle, Germany. The conference aims to address to what extent and how the status of any particular forest ecosystem … Continue reading “IUFRO 8.01.02 Landscape Ecology Conference 2017”

Earth Observation Open Science 2017 Conference

25 – 29 September 2017, Frascati, Italy The European Space Agency (ESA) is organizing the 3d consultation meeting of EO Open Science in ESRIN (Frascati, Italy) on 25–28 September 2017 to explore new challenges and opportunities for EO research created by the rapid advances in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). This includes open tools and … Continue reading “Earth Observation Open Science 2017 Conference”

International workshop “Isotope-based studies of water partitioning and plant-soil interactions in forested and agricultural environments”

27 – 29 September 2017, San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Florence, Italy The workshop, organized in collaboration with the Universities of Bayreuth and Bolzano, aims to bring together scientists with different background (hydrology, soil science, plant physiology) but common research interests who use stable isotopes of water as tracers to study the partitioning of … Continue reading “International workshop “Isotope-based studies of water partitioning and plant-soil interactions in forested and agricultural environments””