New published ECOPOTENTIAL papers!!

We are happy to announce the new publications by ECOPOTENTIAL researchers compliant with the Open Access Policy. They can be downloaded from ECOPOTENTIAL Website at the page:

Tamir Caras, John Hedley, Arnon Karnieli Implications of sensor design for coral reef detection: Upscaling ground hyperspectral imagery in spatial and spectral scales

Dirnböck T., Foldal C., Djukic I., Kobler J., Haas E., Kiese R., Kitzler B. (2017). Historic nitrogen deposition determines future climate change effects on nitrogen retention in temperate forests. Climatic Change, 1-15.  doi:10.1007/s10584-017-2024-y.

Irl S.D.H., Schweiger A.H., Medina F.M., FernándezPalacios J.M., Harter D.E.V., Jentsch A., Provenzale A., Steinbauer M.J., Beierkuhnlein C. (2017). An island view of endemic rarityEnvironmental drivers and consequences for nature conservation. Diversity and Distributions. 23, 1132–1142. doi: 10.1111/ddi.12605.

Moses A. Cho, Abel Ramoelo and Luthando Dziba, Response of Land Surface Phenology to Variation in Tree Cover during Green-Up and Senescence Periods in the Semi-Arid Savanna of Southern Africa, Remote Sens. 2017, 9(7), 689; doi:10.3390/rs9070689

Diele, C. Marangi, 2017, Positive symplectic integrators for predator-prey dynamics, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems – Series B, 22(5), pp, 33-35, doi:10.3934/dcdsb.2017185 –

Haijun Qi,Tarin Paz-Kagan, Arnon Karnieli and Shaowen Li*, Linear Multi-Task Learning for Predicting Soil Properties Using Field Spectroscopy, Remote Sens. 2017, 9(11), 1099; doi:10.3390/rs9111099

Christiaan Hummel , Antonello Provenzale, Jaap van der Meer, Sander Wijnhoven, Arno Nolte, Dimitris Poursanidis, Guyonne Janss, Matthias Jurek, Magnus Andresen, Brigitte Poulin, Johannes Kobler, Carl Beierkuhnlein, João Honrado, Arturas Razinkovas, Ana Stritih, Tessa Bargmann, Alex Ziemba, Francisco Bonet-García, Mihai Cristian Adamescu, Gerard Janssen, Herman Hummel, Ecosystem services in European protected areas: Ambiguity in the views of scientists and managers?

Giulia Raffelli, Maurizio Previati, Davide Canone, Davide Gisolo, Ivan Bevilacqua, Giorgio Capello, Marcella Biddoccu, Eugenio Cavallo, Rita Deiana, Giorgio Cassiani and Stefano Ferraris, Local- and Plot-Scale Measurements of Soil Moisture: Time and Spatially Resolved Field Techniques in Plain, Hill and Mountain Sites, Water 2017, 9(9), 706; doi:10.3390/w9090706

 Schröter, M., Kraemer, R., Mantel, M., Kabisch, N., Hecker, S., Richter, A., Neumeier, V. & Bonn, A. (2017) Citizen science for assessing ecosystem services: Status, challenges and opportunities. Ecosystem Services, 28, 80 94.

JuanJosé Vidal-Macua, Miquel Ninyerola, Alaitz Zabala, Cristina Domingo-Marimon, XavierPonsa, Factors affecting forest dynamics in the Iberian Peninsula from 1987 to 2012. The role of topography and drought –  October 2017 – Forest Ecology and Management 406:290–306 DOI 10.1016/j.foreco.2017.10.011